I’m a fashion designer with a passion for creating clothing and focus on designing styles that are comfortable, flattering and can be worn every day and still look like you’re wearing something special. I have worked on both men’s and women’s clothing. I have been designing for the past 15 years.

Kirios develops high quality professional Clothing with attention to detail and always a little different from the usual.

This is what makes Kirios Clothing stand out.

My name is Stefanos Polizos ,Fashion Director and Co Founder of Kirios.

I have a volcanic imagination and it often explodes into Unique Artistic Creations . I chose Barbering ’cause it’s both Craft and Art. But I fell in love with the ideal of traditional barbering, where barbershops are the focal point of a community.

In 2017 with my artistic Team we decided to make stunning Barber Smocks because the existing products in stores did not meet our expectations, especially in Style, comfort and protection. We create  something NEW,FRESH,INNOVATIVE..  As professional artists in fashion technology we knew we could do better, and we did. With an eye for details we think about usability, aesthetic design, durability all the way to a nice packaging.

Fashion is our passion. Paired with design and highest quality standards we create Clothing that last. We use High Quality Fabrics and TECHNIQUES

All our products are manufactured at workshops in Greece. Every piece is subject to a strict quality control at our design studio in Thessaloniki.

We believe that the only way to be successful in the long run is to constantly deliver high quality with an elaborated design.

Thank you for your support.

And don’t forget… Be a Highlight!!!!