Fashion Show 2023

Kirios Fashion Show Hairfest 2023

A Day To Remember.

From the beginning it was a special challenge.
Μany crazy people gathered together.
There wouldn’t be a better place to present the new collection of @kirios_barber_luxury .
passengers in the madhouse?
@ivancutter you took it off !!!!with your unique talent and character that teaches us.
@dimitris_tiktopoulos @georgefokasgr You ROCK IT,brothers.your passion and your energy overflowed the stage.

The models!!!
@mugiwaraa_ya1 @happy._.butcher @morningstar_michael @the_doctor.p_ @vincenzo_il_barbiere
@ellhnidhs a huge THANK YOU for feeling my thirst for art.

And Finally!!!!
Τhe Ηosts @evagelia_tsoriga @xidaseli our cooperation was flawless.
their professionalism, exemplary.
The technical and aesthetic coverage of a world-class festival.

03 – 7